Kuay teow ganja

So I decided to recreate the most beloved char kuay teow of my youth. No, not Penang’s Chinese style ckt, but the one I ate at warungs, which is slathered – drowned, even – in a watery yet surprisingly flavourful, spicy, and eggy gravy.

Today I found out why. The warung cooks use a complex gravy made up of crushed prawn shells and heads boiled into a concentrated stock, then amped up with oyster sauce, thick soya sauce, light soya sauce, and other seasonings. Then there’s the sambal sauce concocted from cili boh and other aromatics. You need BOTH these sauces to create the Malay style warung ckt, so good it was popularly dubbed kuay teow ganja by some. *salivating*

OK so I tried to recreate this, in a healthier way of course. Can it ever beat Tam’s Char Kuay Teow, which I ate faithfully throughout my decade of living in Penang? No chance.

But it was good enough to soothe the ache for a comforting, hot-off-the-wok char kuay teow for a while 🙂

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